Monday, 10 December 2007

New projects for Euronext Lisbon Blog

Hello. I'm still here. The blog has been quiet for two weeks now but you could say it has been a time to think about the future.
Euronext Lisbon will come back in a different approach to the market in the beginning of 2008. The daily post on the market will not be mandatory and the stress will be in translating some of the most relevant news on the market and trying to answer questions from the readers.
At the same time I'll try to monetize the weblog. In this moment I'm searching for possibilities. One of the already chosen is Payperpost, a service that I'm sure the reader most on to the blog scene already knows. It was on a blog that I met Payperpost and by the reactions of the experimented users it must be an honest deal.
This is in fact my first payperpost experience. And for now this is the "official" blog advertising sponsor of Euronext Lisbon. In short, a blogger gets paid to review and talk about something or someone that wants to present itself to the community.
The demands from the company that buys the post very but on thing is unavoidable: every paid post must be disclosed, this is the policy of PayPerPost and it is also the only way I will ever receive money from a post. See you soon!

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