Friday, 2 November 2007

Galp Energia mitigated the bad day

PSI 20 index lost again 0,73%. As excepted after the bad mood the was reignited yesterday with Citibank’s not so brilliant results and perspectives, still due to the sub-prime crisis, the markets in Europe and mainly the financial institution went on a negative stream. It is true that towards the end of the session with the not so gloomy US stock markets beginning of session things lightened up a bit but even so the top loosing companies were Banco Espírito Santo (ESF), -1,59% and BCP, -1,52%.
Again one of the big rollers followed the other side of the road, more precisely the good behaviour of Galp Energia (+1,28%), on account of the ever rising oil prices, managed to compensated partly the generalized bad day among most of the 20 companies on Euronext Lisbon top index.

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