Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Today EDP sneezed

When EDP sneezes Euronext Lisbon almost gets a cold. I guess today Euronext Lisbon was the only stock exchange that closed below yesterdays figures. During the days things were even uglier than the final scenery but even so PSI 20 lost 0,12% when most of the indexes gained more than 1%.
EDP lost 1,73% and the recovery by BCP, 1,64%, and by BPI, 2,41% was not enough to counterbalance the bad mood.
In the top of the worst we had Sonae Industria, 3,79%, Semapa, -3,31%, Jerónimo Martins, -2,24%, Brisa, -1,98% and ESF (BES), -1,88%.
Better days will come.

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