Monday, 19 November 2007

Mini stampede to begin the week

The situation worsened during the day and ended with a nasty outlook all over the world. Some relevant opinions presenting a gloomy future certainly helped to set the global mood.

Euronext Lisbon was not an exception. PSI 20 index lost 1,41%. In the green, and barely, only two titles: Impresa, 0,44% and Jerónimo Martins, 0,18%.

Well but I must not delay any further the bad, bed news. With the worst behaviour of the day we had:

Sonae SGPS, 4,83%

Soares da Costa, 4,05%

Sonae Industria, 3,53%

Altri, 3,49%

Portucel, 3,33%

The heavy weights didn’t behaved much better. PT for instance lost 2,37% and EDP 2,11%.

According to Diário Económico today the European Stock Exchanges registered the biggest fall in three months. The pre-announced recession in the USA and the perspective of less “gas” in the Chinese economy are the reasons to blame… for now.

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