Monday, 3 September 2007

Mota-Engil climbs more than 13% in two days (Euronext Lisbon)

Mota-Engil (ME) won a contract for the construction and exploration of a uranium mine in Malawi. It will represent a 168 million dollars business for the company. The first big business in Africa for ME. This is the main reason for the 7,73% increase in ME stock price in today's session. It ended at 6,13€. If you remember (see below) Friday it had already inflated more than 4%. At the time the reason for the boost was the final balance from Martifer’s IPO – a participated company of ME universe (ME owns 37,5% of the stocks). Now all seams a little bit doubtful. The gain from the IPO should have been already reflected in the price, after all the math was simple and the data already known. So… Could it be that someone “anticipated” in the market this big news of last night that fuelled today's session? Again, suspicions of inside trading are justifying some wrinkled noses in the market analysts. Will this lead to a follow up by the market police (CMVM)?

PSI 20 index gained 0,69% (one of the best results in Europe, today) with 14 of the 20 companies in the green. Besides Mota-Engil, Semapa (+3,98%) and Sonae SGPS (+2,02%) were the top three climbers of the day.

Redes Electricas Nacionais (REN) that started today to compose PSI-20 Index lost slightly (-0,26%).

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