Friday, 31 August 2007

BCP and Mota Engil staring at the end of the week

The news of the day in Euronext Lisbon is the change of CEO at Banco Comercial Português (BCP). Filipe Pinha replaces Teixeira Pinto and the perspective of a closure in the internal war immediately led BCP share’s price to boom. At this moment they are gaining 4,24% (3,44€). These are the short-term flares (any chance was a good change), let’s wait and see who this news will be digested during the next week by the stock-olders.

Another big mover of the day is Mota Engil, climbing 4,42% to 5,66€ (16:05 GMT). On Mota Engil we had today the news of the 68 million dollars revenue from the recent IPO on Martifer, company co-held (50%-50%) by the management and by Mota-Engil.

PSI-20 Index is gaining 1,07% at 16:07 CMT with the vast majority of the companies in the green. During the session, “stubbornly” in the read with significant losses were Brisa and At he moment the first is still the biggest looser of the session (-0,63%) and Sonae (-0,51%) and by (-0,49%).

UPDATE: Euronext Lisbon PSI 20 index closed climbing 1,21%.

Have a nice weekend!

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