Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The almost obsolete job of the on-line market analyst

In the last weeks to state the mood of the stock exchange in any given moment is the same as giving an accurate picture of a roller-coaster. The aphorism: Historic gains are no guarantee of future profits are now truth at a minute-by-minute level.
Will this be another day where the begining of the market session is completely different from the behaviour at mid session and again totally away from the end session figures?
Let’s wait and see. For the time being the Portuguese Stock Exchange (Euronext Lisbon) is clearly in the green with a daily variation of +1,2% (11:00 GMT).
With the exception of PT Multimedia (virtually stable), all PSI-20 stocks are gaining with Mota-Engil, Sonae Industria and Cimpor climbing more than 2%.

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