Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Euronext Lisbon, the enterprises and some posts in English

Hi! This will probably be a bilingual weblog on the news of the Portuguese stock exchange. I will try to bluid a small database of the portuguese enterprises comprised in the PSI-20 index and also in the PSI general index. I will do so by highlighting and commenting information on Portuguese economy and finance.

With the possible regularity I will follow some of the PSI 20 star companies and also some wannabes.

I’m an economist and enjoy looking up for almost everything that can be put in figures.

In the days that I’ll have spare time I’ll release small highlights of the moment using live information from the stock exchange. I will most certainly comment on the news and on the omissions of the Portuguese specialized press on Economy and Finance.

Other excuse to keep this blog is to force myself to write in English. So, in advance, sorry for the mistakes. But this will also be a billingual weblog: English and Portuguese.

I’m not an expert and I don’t intend to advise anyone. The objective is to use this blog to be up to date with the Portuguese stock exchange. If you find it interesting please don’t hesitate to look around and comment.

Let’s roll!


INC said...

Demetra did you receive my email
I like your site and and think visitors to my site would like yours. Please email me if you would like me to add a link from my sites to your euronext site. I think it is good for both Euronext Lisbon and Nyse Euronext.


Rui MCB said...

Check your mail box