Monday, 27 August 2007

At noon PSI 20 index is barely positive: 0,15% (27 August 2007)

At noon PSI 20 index is barely positive: 0,15%. It had a spike early on the session but since then it has steadily lost gas. Again, Cofina seams to want to leave PSI 20 leaving a good impression: it is climbing more 1,14% and leads the gains followed closely by Altri.

The day is again a typical summer day with low volume of transactions and without (for the time being) significant volatility. PT Multimedia leads the losses falling 0,91%.

In the news, besides the BCP’s general Assembly, I spotted and underline a curiosity on the Portuguese market: Jornal de Negócios looked with some attention to the Portuguese PSI Technology, an index that follows about 4 companies that survived the tech bubble but that are still striving to recover properly.

According to the analysis they are in counter-cycle with their parts in other countries. Some keep accumulating losses (Compta) others are trying to invest abroad. Will this be the secret to success? Let’s try to accompany once in a while these enterprises that don’t have a single representative in PSI 20. Today, at this moment, only Reditus is in the gains (+0,47%). The volume for all of them is appalling.

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