Monday, 27 August 2007

Euronext Lisbon keeps recovering slowly

In a day where the European markets close with mixed evolutions, Euronext Lisbon measured by it’s PSI 20 index closed gaining 0,26%.

A final rush to BCP shares explains great part of this figure (the shares went up by 1,68%). BCP was by far the most negotiated stock of the day although it was suspended one hour before closure due to the on-going all important shares holders general assembly.

As a curiosity Cofina ended precisely at the level it had when the last post was edited. It was the second biggest upward mover and finished the day gaining 1,14%.

In the bottom positions of the day with very low volume appears Soares da Costa, (-0,81%), Cimpor (-0,73%) and Impresa (-0,71%).

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