Sunday, 7 October 2007

Best week in 6 years: + 5,27%

According to Diário Económico the first week of October was the best week in six years for the Portuguese Stock Exchange. After registering one of the biggest falls due to the sub-prime crisis (that in fact hardly involved the Portuguese Finacial Institutions) Euronext Lisbon roared last week with the best performance worldwide.
Individually it was the most penalized company of 2007 that climbed the most: rising 14% - a rise that is still far away what would be needed to completely compensate this years overall loss. Significant is the fact that this behaviour from is connected with rumours of a take over on PT Multimedia probably during the next year. More money in the market, fusions and mergers again in the daily talks; Business as usual after the storm?

With this report I'm back in business after a short vacation.

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