Sunday, 7 October 2007

Comissão de Mercado de Valores Imobiliários accepts NYSE = Euronext Lisbon

The Portuguese weblog Direito & Economia summarizes one of last week’s big news for the Portuguese stock exchange, at least in a symbolic level. To be more precise the Portuguese market police (CMVM) approved that any company currently quoted in New York stock markets needs only to simply apply to enter Euronext Lisbon. With this rule the need to do a public offer no longer stands and the two markets become virtually boundless. The reasoning behind this decision is that the demands from the NYSE are quite sufficient according the CMVM standards.
Let's see if any practical implication arrives from this change in the next moths or years.

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Anonymous said...

That is good news indeed
This type of flexibilty helps everyone
hopefully we will see other exchanges moving in this direction