Wednesday, 24 October 2007 escapes again!

With PSI 20 index falling 0,86% and with the global stock exchanges in a depressive movement, climbed again very significantly: 2,47%. It was the biggest rise of PSI 20 and ended the day quoting 3,72€. Even so, it continues to be one of the cheapest stocks in Euronext Lisboa according to some evaluations (see last post).
In the downside of today's story we have Soares da Costa with big volatility in the last sessions: today it lost 4,14%. It was followed by Sonae Industria, -3,11%, and by Mota Engil, -3,06%.
During the day, before the US openings things were far better but the real estate sales and the never ending sub-prime crisis take another toll to the stock markets.


Anonymous said...

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Demetra said...

Thanks Chris. Very interesting!