Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Nothing new in the Euronext front

Yesterday I watched to a very nice doc on Remarque's novel "All quiet on the western front". Surely a mandatory reading on this days where Sun Tzu’s Art of War ins still in some of the book top. Both are on my which list for the next months.
But, what’s with this guy talking about books?
Well, PSI 20 Index spent the day hovering about zero and ended slightly negative (0,06%)
Impresa kept the momento of the last day climbing an additional 3,93% and Mota Engil also renew the habit of making big pushes, today climbing 5,17%. PT was one of the spoil pleasures of the day bringing Euronext main index to the red by falling 0,8%. The biggest fall was the one of PT Multimedia, -2,16%, (the spin off from PT is approaching) and it was followed by Ren (-1,67%) and by Brisa (-1,16%). But don’t be fooled by the closing quote comparison, during the day, all sort of turbulence happened.
As I was saying, it’s time for a reliable and absorbing novel.

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