Tuesday, 30 October 2007

MIllenium BPI is already a TV show

Dear reader,
Is it normal in you country, while a bank is courting another (very politely) to see the CEO of the eligible groom go to a TV talk show and talk with some of the stock holders of the bride? I’m speaking of a national broadcast channel.
For me is quite bizarre! But Banco Comercial Portugues has been one of the most bizarre quotes in the world in the last months so maybe this is the beginning of a public relations service… by the groom.
Tomorrow BCP administration will present a counter proposal for the pretended fusion.
In the meanwhile BPI stokes leaded to losses today within PSI 20: - 2,76%. BCP had a slight gain: (+0.29).
PSI 20 index rose 0,69% in line with the European counterparts indexes. The most impressive climb of the day was performed by Cimpor (+3.75%), closely followed by Mota-Engil (+3.21) and by Brisa (+2.74%).
After the closing bell some companies presented quarterly results. The highlight goes to Sonae.com the reported unexpected profits. Tomorrow (today actually) at least in some part of the session it is expected to see Sonae.com quotes rising.

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