Thursday, 18 October 2007

Is there a fusion on the way?

PSI 20 index recovered 0,26% today mainly due to the rumours of a concentration between the first and forth Portuguese private banks, BCP and BPI. The most recent scandals involving BCP administration that lead the Portuguese Central Bank and the Market Police to ask for urgent additional information is supporting the idea that a cycle has reached the end and that late scenery of concentration lead by BCP could now be ironically done by BPI and it's main stockholder taking control of BCP.
BPI ended the day gaining 2,69%, closely followed by BCP: + 1,90%. EDP (+0,69%) and PT (+0,57%) also contributed for the positive day in an not so good external context.
In fact Euronext closing figures were not spectacular probably because the significant loss by GALP all mighty: -1,38%; GALP leaded the losses in PSI 20 index.

Euronext Lisbon will be in the spotlight until the BCP issue is not solved, that’s a fact.

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