Wednesday, 10 October 2007

REN up by 5,27%

Has I’ve stated before this was the day were REN had an increased free-float available due to the end of the moratoria for the stocks acquired by employees and small investors during the initial dispersion that lead to the company entry in the Stock Exchange.

Some analysts, namely the ones quoted in this article in Jornal de Negócios were expecting a pressure for a low land day for REN’s quote, but instead it rocketed more than 5%, ending the session in the maximum value of the day. The small investors refused to sell? Not quite, the day passed with this small investors flocking to the market materializing the until yesterday virtual gains of about a 30% valorisation in three months. So… today someone bought everything that moved branded “Ren”.

PSI 20 ended up by 0,34% with seven of the 20 quotes climbing. Eleven quotes represented slight losses comparing to Tuesday. Besides REN, Impresa was also na hightlight for the second session in a row, valorizing about 4% today.

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